Land Rover Para Recce Military Lightweight Olive Drab

£24,995 No VAT
  • 1972
  • 2.25L Petrol
  • 4 Speed Manual
  • 67080 km
  • Yorkshire

Originally designed to be quick to strip and rebuild and only fitted with the essential equipment, the lightweight or airportable was designed to be underslung beneath a Wessex helicopter.

This particular example, one of the first Series III models from 1972 has been fitted out as a Parachute Regiment Reconnaissance variant and is fully stocked with decommissioned front and rear mounted general purpose machine guns, two cabin mounted rifles as well as smoke grenades. Along with the weaponry are two clansman radio sets, rear seating, jerry cans and all associated baskets and camo nets really bringing the full spririt of the vehicle alive. Based on a 24 volt fitted for radio (FFR) vehicle, just as the original Para vehicles were.

The perfect addition to any collection. It is ready to be displayed at military or Land Rover shows or just to have as a fun Sunday afternoon pub run vehicle. It will certainly turn heads.


Registration: DEL 615L

Mileage: 67,080 KM

Powertrain: 2.25 Petrol naturally aspirated

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Colour: Olive Drab


  • 2.25 N/A Petrol engine with 4 speed manual
  • 24V FFR electrical system


  • Full conversion to ‘Para Recce’ specification
  • Fold down windscreen
  • Bonnet basket with ammunition box
  • Bonnet mounted tools
  • Bumper mounted ammunition box
  • Wing mounted radio antenna
  • Jerry cans in place of doors
  • Para Recce spec roll hoop
  • Wing mounted spare wheel
  • Rear gunner platform tailgate
  • Camo netting 


  • Front and rear mounted decommissioned GPMG machine guns
  • Ammunition boxes
  • Jerry can stowage 
  • Two side facing troop seats in rear
  • Two Clansman radio sets
  • Two rifle mounts with replica 
  • Grenade mounts with smoke grenades
  • Para Recce roll hoop 



If you’d like more information about this vehicle or would like to chat about it, please call us on 01845 574 990 or make an enquiry and one of our team will get back to you...

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