Twisted EV Drivetrain The Electric Solution for Defender

Twisted spent 22 years making the Defender the best it can be. EV conversion had to be done the same way. The Twisted EV Drivetrain system is the classic Twisted blend of on-road and off-road performance. 268BHP / 800NM torque, 200+ kms of battery life. The vehicle retains its off-road ability with its 4WD and high/low range.

For Defender owners who want to be greener, the swap takes around six weeks.



The battery system is entirely housed internally of the chassis rails.
Regenerative braking, 3kw cabin heating and cooling, remote diagnostics.
Retains all Defender off-road functionality, including hand brake, hi/low box and diff lock.
All components are brand new, OEM standard parts.
Two-year warranty to the whole vehicle post-conversion (subject to inspection report being followed).

Defender 90 from £89,000.00 (inc UK VAT)
Defender 110 from £105,000 (inc UK VAT)

EV System Defender 90 RHD/LHDEV System Defender 110 / 130 RHD/LHD
Maximum motor power: 200 kW / 1200 Nm torqueMaximum motor power: 200 kW / 1200 Nm torque
Batteries: 68kWhBatteries: 81kWh
Target range: 250kmTarget range: 290km
AC charging: 22kWh ~3h timeAC charging: 22kWh ~3:45h time
Air conditioning: OptionalAir conditioning: Optional
Battery heating: StandardBattery heating: Standard
DC fast charging: OptionalDC fast charging: Optional
Electric controlled high/low: StandardElectric controlled high/low: Standard
Electric controlled diff lock: StandardElectric controlled diff lock: Standard
EH assisted power steering: StandardEH assisted power steering: Standard

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