Twisted EV Drivetrain The Electric Solution for Defender

The Twisted EV Drivetrain system is the classic Twisted blend of on-road and off-road performance. 214BHP / 380NM torque, 200+ miles of battery life. The vehicle retains its off-road ability with its 4WD and high/low range.

For Defender owners who want to be greener, the swap takes around 2 weeks and is carried out at our Bristol (UK) and Virginia (NA) facilities.


Twisted have spent almost 20 years making the Defender© as good as it can possibly be. The clean and robust EV drivetrain, exclusive direct drive power system and US-made electric motor deliver what you need, when and where you need it.

  • Electric Motor
  • Direct Drive Power System
  • Transmission
  • 4WD Gear Reduction Direct Transmission, Step Down Direct Transfer Case, Retained High and Low Range
  • Range
  • 200+ Miles
  • Power
  • 214BHP / 380NM Torque
  • Capacity
  • 60kWh Batteries

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