Surprisingly, there isn’t too many similarities between a Twisted and Red bull Racing 2017 RB13 Formula 1 Car.

Designed in partnership with Alcon® these Twisted® brake callipers have been specially engineered to give exceptional braking performance. With 6 pot brakes on the front and 4 pot on the rear, Twisted provide the biggest available on the market which undoubtedly give the most braking power. The brakes specialised cold bite pad makes them perform outstandingly even on a crisp wintery morning.


Like the Twisted, the Alcon brake boasts British engineering and is the best make available to Defender®. The brake features a larger pad area on a Monoblock anodised aluminium calliper assembly, meaning improved calliper stiffness and increased pedal feel. This specific kit offers around a 40% reduction in disc temperature rise and pad work rate, meaning brake fade is massively reduced. Once fitted to the Defender, the Twisted by Alcon logo is added, where customers are faced with a colour choice of Gunmetal Grey or Red callipers.


Red Bull Racing team engineer, Richard Wolverson recently dropped his stunning Twisted 90 at our HQ for some necessary additions. The team at Twisted installed, amongst other things, the improved brakes to match his everyday work vehicle.

Richard kindly provided some photos of his Twisted outside The Red Bull Racing factory in Milton Keynes.


All the team at Twisted wish Richard and the rest of the Red Bull team well in challenging the dominance of Mercedes AMG in the remainder of the 2017 season.


*Please note, due to the size of the product these brakes can only be fitted under 18″ wheels*.

Please see more on our Alcon brakes here

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