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Glyn Groves. Senior Valeter.

Should a Defender be clean or covered in mud? For Glyn, there’s only one answer. The cleaner the better. 

Glyn is Twisted’s valeter. He ensures every vehicle leaving the workshop is in pristine condition. With over 21 years of valeting experience, Glyn knows how to finish a build in style. As a self-confessed clean freak, his work is cut out after a day of off-roading.

Having spent the last three years mastering the art of valeting Defender (arguably the trickiest vehicle on the market to keep clean), here are Glyn’s tips.

  1. Get underneath. Wash underneath your vehicle after every off-roading trip. If you don’t go off-road often, once or twice a year should be enough. Remove soil from around the chassis because it retains moisture that will cause rot. Take your time to ensure there’s no build-up.
  2. Little and often. Clean the inside of your vehicle little and often. Don’t let it get out of control. It’s like when you do it at home; everything feels better. It’s no surprise I’m incredibly clean and tidy at home.
  3. Take pride in the process. I’d never cleaned a Defender before I joined Twisted. Defender is considered the most challenging vehicle to conquer. Numerous little bits are difficult to access. I soon realised I liked cleaning the dirty 4x4s, the big deep cleans and dragging things back from the depths of dirt. Take pride in hard work because the details count. Many people think anyone can do valeting but I would like to see them do it properly!
  4. Pay as much attention to the bits out of sight as you do to those on show.  If you’re working on a build yourself, it’s the perfect opportunity to clean usually inaccessible parts. For example, on a Twisted commission, I’m straight in there cleaning the rear lights and headlamp surrounds when it’s dismantled. Spending 20 minutes on the tricky little places gives you peace of mind that it’s in the best condition possible as it all comes back together.

If you choose Twisted to repair or restore your Defender, Glyn is the first and last person to touch it. We think he’s the best in the business.

Contact, call +44 (0)1845 574 990 or WhatsApp +44 (0)7719 103566 if you’d like team Twisted to make your Defender the best it can be. We do servicing and detailing too.

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