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10 things you need to know about Twisted

1. We operate a one person, one ramp, one build way of working. Twisted customers benefit from one technician working on their Defender from start to finish. The master technician can spend hundreds or thousands of hours on a single car. It’s a labour of love, and our customers can rest assured that their vehicle is in the best hands. Nobody will know your Land Rover Defender like your Twisted technician, and they’ll be on hand if you ever need them in the future.

    2. Every build starts with a ramp inspection. We won’t work on a Defender unless its core components are sound. Every vehicle undergoes a three-hour ramp inspection by one of our expert technicians before we touch it. After all, there’s no benefit in adding to a vehicle if it needs attention at the core.

      3. We keep you in the loop. When you choose a custom Land Rover Defender, redefined by Twisted, it’s your vision, your dream. We’re here to guide you and bring it to life. Communication is key, so we have regular meetings, calls and use WhatsApp messages to update you on progress.

        4. The company is owned by its staff. Twisted Automotive is part of the Twisted Group. In July 2022, we announced ownership of the businesses had been transferred to our 35 employees through an employee ownership trust (EOT). The deal means staff from Twisted Automotive and specialist dipping company, Hydrographics, now collectively share full ownership of the business.

          5. We sell an EV. The TVE is Twisted’s fully electric Defender. Developed exclusively by Twisted, the TVE retains all the Defender’s off-road functionality including hand brake, hi/low box and diff lock. All the “EV” components are brand new, OEM standard parts and not salvaged from other cars.

          6. Our showroom in Thirsk is open to all. The Old Cinema is a beautiful place. Our doors are open. With a shop, coffee-making facilities and vehicles on display, you’ll be looked after. Our space encapsulates the essence of Twisted, so if you’re in Yorkshire, come and say hi.

            7. We don’t see ourselves as modifiers. Yes, we modify a stock standard vehicle but we don’t like the term ‘modifier’ because modification often means change for change’s sake. The work we carry out complements the classic Defender - makes it better. We would refuse to fit anything that didn’t improve the vehicle.

              8. We think Defender is a flawed car… and that’s why we love it. Defender doesn’t make sense. It’s not perfect. We often smile as we think of the men and women on the line that built it over the years. Like humans, no two Defenders are the same. If you think about your favourite people, aren’t their quirks what you love most about them? Real things aren’t perfect. Defender isn’t perfect. We love it.

                9. We’re a family. That’s what our customers tell us. One long-standing customer recently said, “Owning a Twisted is not something to take lightly. It’s a privilege. The simple joy a Twisted gives the driver and the people you pass is more than a supercar offers. The passion within the Twisted team is a testament to its core value, ‘Twisted is one big family’. It’s a family we want to be a part of forever.”

                10. We don’t stop once we’ve made a sale. Each Land Rover Defender, redefined by Twisted comes with a warranty, and we’re on hand to provide repairs - should you ever need them. We also service, repair and upgrade any Land Rover Defender.

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