Katie Foyle didn’t apply for a job at Twisted. Twisted found Katie. Or rather, Charles Fawcett, founder of Twisted, found Katie. It happened as she led a hack for Charles’ family. The horse Charles’ daughter rode was misbehaving. With her signature no-nonsense approach, Katie dealt with the situation through stern words to the horse and rider.

At this point, we should divulge that the interview for this Anti-ordinary People piece was done via video call, with Katie on reception at the workshop. Charles walked past and dipped in.

“What did you see in Katie, Charles? Why did you think she’d be good for Twisted,” we asked.

“Because she’s bossy,” he replied with a wry smile.

Katie knows Charles well enough to understand it’s her ability to lead with a level head that caught Charles’ eye.

In her role as Head of Production (she’s also providing maternity cover for the Events Manager), Katie is the thread that weaves the Twisted technicians, Twisted customers and the Twisted sales team together. She talks with suppliers, books jobs, looks after customers, spots opportunities for growth, nurtures new talent and more. There’s not much Katie doesn’t get involved with. Not in a meddling way. In a way that stems from pure passion for Twisted and to get the best out of everyone and everything. 

“People see me at the front desk at the Twisted factory and think I’m the receptionist. It’s a natural assumption. However, my role is more than staffing the front desk. I oversee production. I also believe in the company and what it stands for, so I can see the bigger picture when a decision needs to be made.”

A straight-talking Yorkshire lass, Katie doesn’t seek the limelight or make things about her. She listens, thinks and gets on with the job. Her colleagues describe Katie as the beating heart of the Twisted workshop.

Yet Katie fended off an official leadership role for many years.

“People would come to me to get things done, but I didn’t want to be a manager because I didn’t want people to think I was saying I knew more than them.

I couldn’t do my job without Andy, the Workshop Manager, and all the techs,” she explained. “I make things happen, but it’s their expertise that creates the magic of the vehicles.”

When questioned whether her “bossy” nature is innate, she nodded.

“I’m the one out of my groups of friends that arranges everything. In every job I’ve had, I’ve gravitated to being the one that organises everyone. I can’t help it. That, combined with the work ethic my wonderful parents gave me, means I just get on with things. If something needs doing, it gets done.

Little girls are often criticised for being assertive and leaders. “Bossy” is a negative word. It shouldn’t be. Every business needs do-ers. To the little girls labelled bossy, I say never change; it’s your superpower.”

If you book your vehicle in for a commission, rebuild, servicing, part replacement or detailing with Twisted, you’re likely to deal with Katie. You’re in good hands. Call +44 (0)1845 574 990 or email info@twistedautomotive.com

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