April saw a Twisted trip to Monaco for the annual Top Marques event.

Top Marques brings together the finest collection of automotive, watch and jewellery brands and is held at the Grimaldi Forum in the heart of Monaco.


We unveiled our latest custom works build and enjoyed a superb few days in the company of some of the world’s biggest premium brands and their staff.

We always enjoy meeting people that share our commitment to quality craftsmanship and it was great to raise Twisted’s profile at the same time.


Against a backdrop of Lamborghinis, Porsches and Ferraris, our new V8 110, soft top V8 90 and Bahama Gold retro soft top had no issue turning heads, and we were pleased to be able to provide guests with something a little different in that sense.


We hosted demonstrations for prospective customers and members of the media and the vehicles looked fantastic zipping around the city’s world-famous Formula 1 circuit.


We captured some fantastic photography and video in the process, while helping to further grow Twisted’s already impressive overseas following.

Of course, Yorkshire remains at the heart of the brand, but educating new car lovers about the work we do and the pride we have in our product is a constant priority.

Twisted founder Charles Fawcett said: “This was our third time at Top Marques, and while our new custom works V8 grabbed the headlines, it’s the opportunity to engage with new people that makes this trip most worthwhile.


“We are all ambassadors for Twisted and we always relish the opportunity to share our passion and expertise with others, especially in a setting as stunning as Monaco.”

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