It’s not often we see this.. but ten years after purchasing a special edition Twisted Alpine, it arrived back here in Yorkshire to be certified before leaving for a new home…

It was however a very sad goodbye from the one previous owner, Hanno Ellensohn, an executive coach and leadership development specialist, who resides in Wimbledon, London. In March, Team Twisted paid Hanno a visit to learn more about his decade of ownership and let us tell you… he had some great stories to tell! From trips to the Alps to Bugatti drivers admiring his Twisted Hanno took us around the city in his last drive out.


It was down to ULEZ restrictions which limited the opportunity for Hanno to drive his Fuji White 110 as the reason he had to part ways with his pride and joy. But the adventure ready 110 lives on, and unbelievably has only covered 15,000 miles!

DSC_4149.jpg DSC_4118.jpg

Look out for the full interview coming very soon and featuring in our next Issue of Pursuit, The Twisted Newspaper.


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