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Land Rover Defender specialist Twisted cements its reputation as the world’s leading modifier of the iconic British vehicle with the launch of two new powertrains; the T-V8, the fastest Defender ever to leave its factory, and the T-VS, its turbocharged petrol engine.

Together with the recently launched electric model, the T-VE, they comprise the most

comprehensive range of Defender powertrains ever.

The T-V8

The T-V8 accelerates to 60mph in five seconds and is capable of reaching top speeds never before seen in a classic Defender. Drive goes to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox, and it retains the original transfer box and centre diff lock, cementing it as a real off-road vehicle.

With more than 18 months in development and several thousand man-hours invested, Twisted has completely re-engineered the chassis, braking, suspension, powertrain and driveline that contains its V8 model.

Working with its engineering team in the United States, Twisted has crafted the huge V8 between the chassis rails. The brand-new small block Chevrolet petrol engine, also known as the LT1, has an output of over 450 hp and produces 500 lb-ft of torque – an eye-watering upgrade from the Defender’s standard 122 bhp and 260 lb-ft of torque.

All the components used in the conversion have been designed and developed by Twisted and manufactured specifically for the company by its suppliers. The bespoke Twisted products include engine cooling pack, fluid pipework, complete fuel system, adaptors and mounting plates, console, dash and a myriad of mounting brackets, a full cabin cooling package and exhaust system.

The T-VS

The T-VS is a brand-new development by the Twisted UK team and celebrates the spirit of the Defender with a sustainable, economic twist that will inject longevity into the classic vehicle.

The 2.3 petrol engine has twin-spool turbo delivering an output of 308 hp, which is a significant torque increase from a standard diesel Defender.

It delivers the same iconic driving experience but is a cleaner, lighter and quicker vehicle,

accelerating from 0-60 in 8 seconds and pulling into 6 th gear from 50 mph effortlessly. It can reach top speeds of 120+ mph.

The Twisted T-VS is ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) compliant, making it ideal for city driving and for Defender owners who want to extend the lifespan of their vehicle.

Discussing the launch and development of both models, Twisted founder Charles Fawcett said: “These are not just modifications, we have developed two incredible engines that will both enhance and extend the lifespan of the classic Defender.

“The V8 has been re-developed from the ground up to produce the fastest classic Defender ever. It is a sensational vehicle that is mind-bendingly fast and not for the faint-hearted.

“The whole Twisted team on both sides of the Atlantic has invested over 18 months into developing, evolving and revolutionising the V8. It is truly unique to Twisted as over half of the components used have been designed and developed specifically by, and for us, while classic Defender may well be out of production, Twisted doesn’t simply stop development, we actually accelerated it.”

“The T-VS meanwhile is the perfect solution for the conscientious, city-living Defender owner, conservative when driven accordingly but it is capable of an enormous amount of character that is expected from a Defender.

“It is smooth and nimble but maintains the same endearing Defender qualities - something that I believe is incredibly important with any modification - making it both an economic vehicle and impressive drive. The team and I are enthralled by its speed, power, and handling.

Commenting on the development, Owen Mortimer, head of R&D at Twisted’s Yorkshire factory adds: “It’s been a hugely rewarding time for the team here and underlines what sets Twisted apart from other Defender modifiers.”

Twisted Automotive has continued to grow and develop its product offering, and in March 2022 unveiled its first ever fully electric offering, the Twisted T-VE. 

The business also expanded throughout 2021, opening showrooms in their hometown of Thirsk North Yorkshire, one in the borough of Kensington in London, and on the other side of the Atlantic in Austin, Texas.

Having famously bought some of the remaining 240 Defender vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover’s ceased production line in 2016, Twisted Automotive is still converting some of the original stock it holds as well as upgrading existing Twisted customers’ vehicles to the new V8.

The T-V8 and T-VS vehicles will be sold internationally, with several vehicles currently being built for customers in both the UK and the US.


The Twisted T-V8 and T-VS are available now to order. For further information please


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