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Mark joined Twisted in 2020 after spending 17 years as a master technician for Jaguar Land Rover. With a wealth of knowledge of the Defender, Mark is the technical lead for the entire workshop.

This article was supposed to be about Mark’s approach to working on Defender, but it turned into thoughts about learning and leadership in all walks of life. Here are six things Mark has learned in his two decades as a mechanic.

Try to understand how things work.

Don’t be afraid to take things apart and figure out how to put them back together. That doesn’t have to be an entire car! Start small and work your way up. It’s more of a curious mindset than a practical nature. The more you do, the more you learn. Don’t be afraid to understand how things work. Don’t let things daunt you.

It takes time to be good at something.

Only when you truly understand something can you do it confidently - and, importantly, teach others.

I didn’t feel like I’d mastered mechanics until ten years into the job. I’m almost 20 years into the trade and still have lots to learn. In the workshop, I try to lead a culture of patience and craftsmanship in favour of speed and flying through the ranks. As a small team, we teach and learn among ourselves all the time - you can’t rush mastering a skill.

People will be cynical of whatever you do. Do it anyway.

Don’t let what others think hold you back.

I was hands-on with the T-VE, the electric Land Rover Defender by Twisted. To us, it makes sense to have an EV as part of our offering. However, people were cynical. Now, it makes people smile, and it’s one of our most talked about vehicles. People will always have an opinion on what you do; do what’s right in your opinion.

Lead by example.

Don’t tell people what to do, lead them to find their solution. Share ideas and discuss options.

In the Twisted workshop, we do this day in, day out. We share ideas on anything from the best way to fit a washer to how the steering and suspension should feel. When we all agree we’ve found the best solution, it goes into the best practice folder, our go-to handbook.

Everyone does things differently. Embrace it.

One way of teaching is to instruct someone exactly how to do it. I don’t work like that. I prefer to involve the person in what they’re learning and encourage them to take ownership

Defender is Marmite; you either love it or hate it.

For me, it’s a dream toy that will do anything. At Twisted, nothing is left untouched, and you can physically see, hear and feel the difference we make to every vehicle. It’s a team effort, and we get as much pleasure from the final result as the customer.

Mark and his team offer servicing, part replacements and detailing to classic Defender, as well as commissions and rebuilds. If you’d like your treasured Land Rover to benefit from decades of experience, we’d be happy to chat.

Call +44 (0)1845 574 990 or email


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