No Compromises

When we launched in North America our objective was to build the very best Defender for US and Canadian drivers. As a team, we have over 100,000 miles of experience driving the Land Rover Defender on US roads. We use this collective experience to shape the specification and build process for all our vehicles.

Truly Dependable

A Twisted is a Defender that can be used as a daily driver. Our vehicles do not have the inherent flaws and issues associated with a restored 25-year-old-vehicle. Want to drive from New York to LA? No problem. We’ve done it. You can use a Twisted to go where you want, when you want.

Twisted vehicles are built with a focus on the driver and passengers, and not simply adopted from a 70-year-old design. Our vehicles have more headroom, more comfort, more heating and cooling, more soundproofing and more technology than the original Defender ever had. And we never stop innovating.

Handbuilt Precision

When we launched in North America our objective was to build the very best Land Rover Defender possible. Instead of buying parts and kits already available, we worked with leading manufacturers to research and engineer proprietary Twisted systems for the Defender. The end result is a vehicle that can accelerate, corner, articulate and stop with precision and dependable authority.

All of our vehicles are hand built at our facility in New Jersey. Each build takes in excess of 1000 hours of labour with rigorous and precise assembly methods.

Fully Bespoke

Each Twisted is built for a specific customer. We don’t do copies or duplicates. This means that every one is the only one.

Our bespoke process is at the heart of what we do. Mood boards, paint and leather samples, 3D renders. Every client works with us to truly create a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

The interior of a Twisted is sewn by hand using the finest British materials. We do not use pre-made kits that come out of a box. Our team features first, second and third generation craftsmen.

Intuitive Comfort

A Twisted comes with a plethora of modern features that have become the norm in modern vehicles.

Convenience features such as central locking, electric windows and cruise control mean that the user experience is comfortable. Front and rear cameras and parking sensors. Infotainment connectivity such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow seamless smartphone integration.

Test Drive

Everything here makes up a Twisted build. Get hands-on and find out for yourself with one of our demonstrators. Built specifically for the sole purpose of giving you the Twisted experience.

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