Defender V8 engine

TV8 Land Rover Defender V8 Engine: Huge Power and Torque (and ULEZ compliant)

The TV8 is possibly the best resolved Defender V8 conversion available. Developed in-house by Twisted’s master technicians, the TV8 runs at almost 500hp. Combined with an 8-speed automatic transmission, it transforms the performance of the classic Land Rover Defender. You can be sure that our modern V8 will provide you with all the power, control, and refinement you need. If you want to experience the ultimate Twisted engine option, get in touch with Team Twisted to see how we can help.

Why TV8?

It’s fast, makes an amazing noise and pays homage to the Buick-derived V8 used by Land Rover for
many years. Capable of 0-60 in under 6 seconds, we guarantee it will put a huge smile on your face.
When only the biggest and best will do, there is simply no alternative.

6.2 LT1 TV8
457HP & 670NM TORQUE

Insane power and performance.

The beating heart of our TV8 comes in the form of a monstrous yet cleverly refined 6.2-litre naturally aspirated LT1 V8.

Benefiting from direct injection, variable valve timing and active fuel management, it’s one of the most technically advanced small-block V8s on the market. It delivers perfect manners around town and an explosion of raw power when unleashed. Additional options include long-range fuel tanks, suspension and braking upgrades.

Transformation of the LT1 into the Twisted TV8 was done entirely in-house with design, development and testing all completed at our North Yorkshire HQ.


  • Conversion for Defender 90 starts from £81,600 (incl UK VAT)
  • Conversion for Defender 110 starts from £83,994 (incl UK VAT)
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