• Whilst keeping the essence of what the Land Rover® should be, we specialise in reengineering the standard Defender® to make it the very best vehicle it can be. Our technicians can spend over 900 hours improving everything from simple bolts, to full engine rebuilds and luxury interiors. 

    A Twisted is the ultimate expression of modern dynamism and luxury; a vehicle that is as comfortable off-road as it is on the road. We simply makes each individual build, the best it can be.

  • No, we’re an entirely separate company. Twisted Automotive restores and modifies existing Land Rover Defender. Twisted Automotive is not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed, nor affiliated with Jaguar Land Rover in any way (see our T&Cs for full details).

  • Our home at 'The Old Cinema' is in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, as is our factory. 

  • Twisted has built an international reputation for quality engineering and a creative approach to meeting the needs of customers who really understand the Defender. We’re not limited to cosmetic enhancements and in fact, a large part of what we do involves not only making the Defender® drive better, but also increases its life span.

  • Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – or so we’re told. There are a handful of imposters out there, but thankfully only a true Twisted vehicle will have the ‘Twisted Build Plaque’ proudly on display on the dashboard. However, although no longer, we have previously offered a Drive In / Drive Out service and Twisted parts were available to buy from our online store. So, if a vehicle looks like one of ours, but doesn’t have the Twisted Build Plaque, it’s not necessarily a fake. Some people chose to improve their existing vehicle, either gradually over time, or by booking in for a complete overhaul. Whilst these ones are undoubtedly improved, and part of the Twisted extended family, only full-spec vehicles receive the internal Twisted Build Plaque and external Yorkshire plaques.

    You can check the validity of any individual Twisted parts, or work undertaken, by asking for the supporting documentation which is always provided by us at the point of transaction.

  • There are three options:

    1. Twisted Legacy: A Twisted Legacy build is a vehicle created from our very limited delivery mileage stock. Over the next few years, we will be carefully crafting Twisted Legacy builds at our factory. Once they are built, they will be available to view at The Old Cinema. Crucial to receiving a Twisted build plaque, these very rare Defender, are only made better.
    2. Twisted Defined: A Twisted Defined comes with two options. Option one is to purchase a Defined Twisted supplied and built here in Yorkshire. Option two is to bring your Defender to us to have the Defined specification applied. Please be aware however, for customer supplied Defined builds, we only have very limited factory build slots available.
    3. Twisted Born: A Twisted Born is a one-off version of a Classic. Most often a TD5, we will hand select only six models to re-create throughout the year. Remaining true to the original, the majority of original parts remain, but our focus is very much on power, noise and drivability. 
  • Changing standard manufacturers parts does invalidate Land Rover® warranty. However, we do warrant all of our work to coincide with Land Rover® warranty wherever possible. Feel free to give us a call if you have a specific query you’d like to discuss.

  • 1988 onwards.

  • Yes, we have a fully equipped factory and offer a full range of servicing options for the Defender.

  • We are in a fortunate position to be the only stockist of delivery mileage Defender in the world. Our careful build process means we are slowly working our way through this stock, which is likely to last for a number of years yet. Once the stock has been build, we've got a few ideas...

  • Yes. But some more than others. Experience has shown that some sympathetic future proofing and reliability enhancements really do make the ownership and driving experience more pleasant and fulfilling. Very few clients do not take advantage of the Twisted experience.

  • Yes. There are certain countries with import restrictions, but we will always assist in any way possible.

  • Yes, no problem at all! We can either supply or LHD or we can convert any build you see on our site to LHD for you. Get in touch and we will be able to provide more information on models we can create for you.

  • Yes absolutely. We are always on the look out for well cared for, low mileage Defender. Send us an email with some images and details of the vehicle and hopefully we can help!

  • Our focus remains in the continuation of developing the Classic Defender. We have various projects running in the background on both New Defender and other Classic Land Rover models. We will launch these soon...

  • Yes we do. If you have a vehicle to part exchange which isn't a Defender we will still be able to take it in part exchange

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