This is an obsession

What we do is not normal. It’s not a job, or a passion, or a labour of love. It’s an obsession. An unbridled, unhealthy obsession with creating the very best Defender money can buy. Vehicles that don’t just make you smile or nod in appreciation. They make you feel something. They make you feel alive.

Preserving the soul of the Defender

Every working day for more than two decades, we’ve been breathing new life into these legendary vehicles. Making them better and better – while making sure we never lose what makes them special in the first place.

So if it’s flawed, we fix it. If it can be bettered, we make it the best. And if it can’t, we leave it just as it is. Around 40% of the work we do on a vehicle will never be seen. But that doesn’t matter – because although you might not see it, you’ll begin to feel it the second you sit behind the wheel.

Our story

Every Defender Crafted by hand

Our difference is obvious, even if our vehicles aren’t. Just like our owners, we never compromise. It’s no secret that there are a great many choices of updated and uprated Defender. Luxury Defender. Restored Defender. Resto-mod Defender. Call it what you will – no one builds a Defender to the same standards as us.

That’s because no one has been doing this for longer and no one takes the care we do. Many of our parts have taken years to develop. And everything on your vehicle will be handled by a master technician. Responsible for every nut and bolt, they will see your build through from start to finish. It takes hundreds of hours to make a Defender the best it can be.

A rare sight

You need to look hard to spot a Twisted Defender on the road. That’s because we only build a handful each year – and we don’t build them to attract attention. We build them to attract our customers. Ownership for Twisted drivers is like membership of a very select club.

Three ways to buy your Twisted


The Best. Made Better. Made Ready.

We’ve spent more than two decades defining the ultimate Defender. Testing. Researching. Enhancing. Rebuilding. Our obsession has led to the purest expression of this iconic vehicle. The Defined Twisted is built to our own Twisted specification and ready to deliver. Available as a T90, T110 or T130.

The Defined range also includes short run, special edition vehicles designed to inspire. Legacy is a series of vehicles paying homage to key models in the history of the Land Rover. Born is Charles’ vision of what a Td5 Defender should be and where the Twisted story began.

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The Best. Made Better. Made Yours.

We can match our experience to your vision. If your obsession matches ours then we can help you commission a vehicle with your own personal twist. These Twisted vehicles are beyond rare. They are unique.

Our commissioning team will take you through the design stages and manage the whole journey, from brief to handover. We can help you choose features, materials and finishes to create something that is yours alone. We will then allocate you a build slot with your own master technician. Your personal guardian will manage the process, keeping you involved in your vehicle’s progress, wherever in the world you are.

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The Best. Made Better. Made Good as New.

You’d be mad to buy a used Twisted from anywhere else. While many pre-owned Defender claim to be Twisted, only a handful have actually been built by us. So ours are certified and fully guaranteed.

We look closer, checking, repairing and upgrading wherever necessary. Only then, when we are sure it meets our exacting standards, will we issue a certificate for the logbook, protecting your investment. You can consider a Certified Twisted as good as new. And of course, when you come to trade up, we’ll be very happy to re-certify your car for its next owner.

Certified stock

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