Examined. Reviewed. Challenged. Enhanced. Defined. This is the culmination of decades of experience and lifelong passion. Every element, every detail, every inch, perfected. The T90, T110 or T130. Made to honour the original, rebuilt around you.

Twisted Modified Land Rover Defender 90

Adventurous. Functional. Iconic. The short wheelbase Twisted, made to go wherever you want it to. Choose the modified defender 90 hard or soft top, pick-up or station wagon. It’s built for you.


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Twisted Modified Land Rover Defender 110

Rugged. Practical. Classic. Station wagon or utility, 5-seats or 7-seats, either way it makes a supreme family vehicle. Make a modified Defender 110 meet your demands and it’ll do whatever you need it to, and then some.

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Twisted Modified Land Rover Defender 130

The legend. The icon. The workhorse. The Twisted 130 is the ultimate utilitarian vehicle. With a load space to carry anything you need, it’s ready to handle whatever you can throw at it.

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