Forty-five 2016 Defender®. Taken as the end of an era approached, these were among the last to make their way off the Solihull production line. Each selected to be part of Twisted Legacy, paying our respects to the most iconic Defender® models from history. Ready to be stripped, rebuilt and refined by Twisted experts. Yet you decide how its future pays homage to its past. You decide its Legacy.

Twisted Series IIA

The iconic Series IIA. First seen in the 1960s, now recognised as a classic piece of British engineering. Ordered the world over, it can handle every environment, every terrain, every demand.

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Twisted Lightweight

Our salute to the service of the Half Ton Lightweight. Designed to meet the demands of the British Army. Now ready to take on whatever you ask of it.

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Twisted Series III

The Series got a makeover in the early 70’s. In the interior, comfort became a consideration. One of the reasons production continued so long, and that it’s still seen on our roads today.

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Twisted Stage One V8

The Stage One was built to get the job done. Wherever it finds itself. Never challenged, its no nonsense attitude is admired and honoured by Twisted today.

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