Spending almost 20 year making the Defender as good as it can possible be, demand and excitement for the EV has taken over. It’s by no means the end of Diesel, but it’s a shift in the way the world we live in is heading.

What it is though, is a 214bhp, 250 + mile range fully electric Defender. The clean and robust drivetrain, exclusive direct drive power system and US made electric motor deliver something we never ever seen before, a silent Defender. And take it from us, it’s very cool!

The order book is open and lead times are increasing. Thinking of it? We have two options. Option 1: We supply a vehicle for you from our stock, with the EV drivetrain. Option 2: You supply your Defender and we convert to EV for you. Prices for option 2 begin at around £69,000 + VAT.


Still need the noise? Our fully electric offering joins our V8 petrol upgrade in making your Defender ULEZ compliant. Boasting 430bhp, our LS powered petrol offering is guaranteed to put a smile on your face from ear to ear. Again we have two options should petrol be the way forward. We can supply a delivery mileage, final model year build from our Legacy offering, or you can bring your Defender to us, we’ll ensure it’s up to standard underneath and begin work on it. Conversion work begins at around £55,000 + VAT for the full driveline upgrade.

Wether it’s peace and quiet or a bit of noise to take you through the ULEZ compliant areas, we’d love you to get in touch so we can give you more info, but please be aware, lead times are only increasing!


Click here to see a new V8 Petrol 110 currently built and available: https://www.twistedautomotive.com/current-stock/view/twisted-110-utility-classic-twisted-series-iia-910-2/

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