As we look ahead to 2020, we’re incredibly excited to announce that Twisted Automotive is expanding into the USA.

In addition to our headquarters in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, Twisted North America will have a base in Virginia, to enable us to better serve our existing and new customers in the USA.

We’ll be building a series of very special Twisted vehicles for the American market, with some serious power upgrades with all the added finesse you’d expect from a Twisted.

Based in Virginia, our new east-coast operation is tasked with one goal; to bring the Twisted product to our friends across the pond. The Twisted NA-V8 is our reimagining of the Defender – hand-built in both the UK and the USA to create a one of a kind, no half-measures, ultimate edition of the classic British marque. Built to order, every NA-V8 features an all modern drive-train, contemporary interior, modern infotainment and convenient mod-cons. With a range of paint colours, leather options and accessories to choose from, you can add your own twist to the time-honoured paradigm of the english off-road.

Initial developments are well underway and production has already began. Two demonstrators are currently having the Twisted treatment and will be available within the coming months.

To place an early order, or simply register your interest, please contact:

Call: 1-800-832-8841

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