“Two years before the end of production Land Rover invited me to place an order, I felt privileged to be in that position, very lucky to have been selected and I guess humble too…

I didn’t really know what the order was going to mean. I didn’t really know where it would take us. I didn’t really know what we would do with it. I just knew we had to have some. It’s fair to say I could have sold these vehicles the moment they arrived, (but) what we have managed to do is hold back in letting people take these vehicles, so that, at the appropriate point in the future; which I decided is today, we can release the penultimate batch of classic Land Rover vehicles and build them into some exciting specs, some exciting models to truly celebrate those years of Land Rover production.

I chose carefully, chose the models I wanted to celebrate, they all mean something to me and I think anybody reading this, hearing this, seeing our videos, seeing this release, will find these vehicles will have some bearing on their life. For some, they learnt to drive in them, for others it was a classic their grandfather owned, others may have seen them in the military, may have even served in them.

The point is each of these models are a celebration of what was the great Land Rover production line at Lode Lane in Solihull. I am so excited for you to see what we have come up with. These specs are beautiful. They honour the Defender. They honour the Land Rover production. They honour anyone who has ever owned one. I truly believe these will give Land Rover Defender the send off that the original manufacturer should have really given it in the first place.”

Charles Fawcett, Founder, Twisted Automotive. 29.01.19

JLR ceased production of the iconic Defender on January 29th 2016.

Exactly three years on, we have released our last 45 builds available for public purchase.

When Jaguar Land Rover announced their forthcoming cease in production we ordered 240 vehicles, some of which came off the line eight days before the Solihull doors shut. We have been selling from this stock ever since; allowing customers to choose the exact specification of each vehicle.

Series I

More recently, in June 2017, we launched the very first of our Classic Series, the Series I; of which we chose to build 20 vehicles of identical specification. This included all the key comfort, performance, and handling elements, as well as some subtle additions which pay homage to the original Series I.

Series II

Following the huge success of this range of vehicles we released the Classic Series II in 2018. Again giving subtle nods to the original Series; including sage green seat belts, a Series II coach stripe and a retro steering wheel. Of the ten Series II built, we currently have 3 vehicles remaining available for sale.

Today, we have released; ten Series IIA, ten Lightweight, ten Series III & 15 Stage One V8.

These 45 are the very last vehicles publically available from our Defender stock.

Series IIA

In 1961, Land Rover released the Series IIA, with a number of subtle design alterations over the outgoing Series II. 58 years later our release of ten 110s will be built as our modern interpretation of the IIA. These will be the first vehicles to display the new Twisted 18” Rostyle wheel and the newly designed body accents highlighting original changes to the early 60’s bodywork. This vehicle is intended to be a true workhorse and are all UK registered ‘post production end’ in April & May of 2016. No doubt some will end up in private collections too.

Series III

The Series III is the most common series vehicle still on the roads. The 14-year production began in 1971 and ceased in 1985. Designed with ‘comfort’ in mind, the interior received a considered overhaul, with soundproofing and tinted glass among options. Our ten Series III vehicles will take subtle hints from the original to include low back seats, a choice of interior material and our series safari stripe.


Originally developed for the British Army between 1968-1984, this stripped down version of the heavier civilian variant is the basis of our Twisted Lightweight model. We have chosen to include design features such as the canvas roof, low backed classic seating and half height doors with fold down screen, to honour the original modifications of the ‘half ton lightweight’. This run is limited to ten units only.

Stage One V8

‘Stage One’ signified the first stage of investment into the manufacturer from the UK Government to enhance the product portfolio. Our Stage One V8 comprises 15 vehicles, ten of which will be finished in the historic Welsh Grey with canvas hoods. The other five will be sold in their individual factory colours. These vehicles have been handpicked from our original order and were built in Solihull between the 11th and 21st January 2016, making them some of the last to ever pass through the factory.

As you would expect, with all of our newly released Remake History vehicles, we have considerately addressed the usual areas of improvement over the standard unit to include; power, handling, steering, sealing and rust protection.

We would like to invite you to join us on our journey to Remake History with these very special builds. Not one has been built yet. When agreeing to purchase one of these unique builds you are also securing a build number and a slot in the build schedule; which are allocated on a first come first served basis. Some early purchases will receive their completed vehicles in 2019, others may have to wait a further two years.

This really may be the last chance to own a Twisted…

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