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Twisted NA - V8

Spring 2020

Across the pond, our team at Twisted North America has just completed the first US Twisted build.

The NA-V8 90 has been handcrafted on both sides of the Atlantic to create this inaugural build – the first since the US side of the business launched in October 2019.

Work has already started on a companion for the 90, a 110 build, and the pair will soon be on display and available to test drive at our facility in Boston, Virginia.

The build remains true to the spirit and heritage of the original but with serious power upgrades and the latest in infotainment and interior comfort that you’d expect from a Twisted.

In order to comply with US regulations, although the core chassis is 25 years old, it comes with a host of modern technology and has been hand-restored to a like-new condition. Key components include:

E N G I N E :
The monstrous yet cleverly refined GM 6.2L V8. This fifth-generation small block Chevrolet engine, also known as the LT1, has motorsport pedigree and has undergone six million hours of research and development. Originally destined for the Corvette Stingray, it is now a key feature of the Twisted NA-V8.

S U S P E N S I O N :
Designed by Twisted in 2011 the Progressive Suspension System, manufactured exclusively in Germany, comes fit with custom valved dampers, significantly improved traction, dramatically reduced understeer and retained suspension travel for off road capability.

B R A K I N G S Y S T E M :
Six-pot front and four-pot rear brakes with ABS traction control.

I N T E R I O R:
Designed with luxury and comfort in mind, heated off-road luxury sports seats with Twisted developed lift out bases, soundproofing and insulation all come as standard. On top of this, leather options are endless.

I N F O T A I N M E N T:
The touch-screen infotainment system includes an enhanced splash screen with unique function readouts, high quality audio system and location tracking app.

The NA-V8 will retail at around $250,000.

Engine: LT1 6.2L V8

Horsepower: 460BHP

Torque: 465LB/FT

Transmission: 8L90   8 Speed Automatic

Brakes: Twisted Performance

Suspension: Twisted Progressive

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