Issue XII

An Insight Into The Workshop...

Winter 2020

Our Yorkshire HQ has expanded, now housing nine vehicle ramps. Each one is designated to a different technician who each bring their own wealth of experience to the group.

Our newly appointed technician, Eliott Holmes highlights our recent countrywide talent search. Spending six years at Bentley Motors in Crewe, September saw Eliott make the move back home to North Yorkshire to join the Twisted family. We caught up with Eliott to learn more about his exciting new journey with Twisted.

How’ve the first few months at Twisted been?

The start of my journey at Twisted has been a little crazy. After handing in my resignation at Bentley, which was incredibly hard to do, I moved out of my apartment in Cheshire and back home to Yorkshire to start my new role. It’s a decision I don’t regret, as each day at Twisted I’ve either had a new challenge or I’ve learnt something new about the product or the business. I really enjoy being part of such a small, yet powerful team and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Why Twisted for you?

I love the attention to detail and the hours that are spent creating such unique builds. I like how the role as a technician allows you to build the entire vehicle from start to finish. I also think it’s impressive how the business is ever expanding and exploring new ventures. There are exciting times ahead and it’s a journey I am proud to be a part of.

"It's great being able to put my own touch on a build."

What is different to the Twisted Factory compared to the Bentley Factory?

Coming from a production facility, Twisted is a huge change for me. Bentley employed over 4,500 people, with around 1,000 in production. This mean there was a person for each task and 100’s of people in each department. Here at Twisted, the techs do every single part of the build and are required to have full knowledge of the vehicles and skills it takes to build the product. This makes a day at work much more varied and there is always something new to learn or master.

Are there any insights within the workshop you can tell us which you didn’t expect?

I like how involved everyone is at Twisted as a business and how ideas and updates are shared or discussed with everyone. As a tech I also like how when I have an idea that I think would improve the build I’m working on, this is put forward to the customer, to get their feedback on my suggestion. It’s great being able to put my own touch on a build.

Twelve months from now, what would you like to have achieved at Twisted?

I would like to have created a number of unique builds that the customers want to keep for life. The kind of vehicles I want to keep for myself and don’t particularly want to hand over! I would also like to have my say in the development and expansion of Twisted. Whether that be in the workshop or the business as a whole, implementing certain elements I have learned and brought with me from Bentley.

"Starting out, I’d say be willing to learn anything and everything as you never know when that experience will be beneficial to you."

What advice would you give a young technician starting out?

Starting out, I’d say be willing to learn anything and everything as you never know when that experience will be beneficial to you. Don’t say no to a job unless you are being asked to get a long stand or a new bubble for the spirit level…

How has your past experience benefited your time at Twisted so far?

Working at Bentley for six years, I have been taught a high standard of quality and attention to detail. These are the same qualities required at Twisted which has helped me settle in. Bentley also enabled me to understand the importance of the customers’ needs and what they expect from their vehicle. At Twisted this is imperative as my name is on the unique plaque!

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