Issue XII


Winter 2020

Born is where the Twisted story began. The original updated, yet forever true to its roots.

The Land Rover® Defender re-engineered, crafted, perfected.

Today, Born continues that spirit, giving Land Rover owners the chance to experience our passion for an indisputable legend.


The original TD5 Storm Power Plant. Arguably the most drivable of the run. Staying true to each build, we will retain as much of the original vehicle as possible. Twisted Born sees two of our level 4 trained Land Rover technicians strip each individual build back, to then make subtle but vital improvements to the engine, drive-line, suspension and braking.

Once complete each individual model will provide a driving experience the TD5 truly deserves. There will still be ‘Defenderisms’ but our limited run will be the epitome of attitude, power and the thrill of driving a pure Twisted.

A maximum of six units will be produced per year. It isn’t a restoration, but a re-engineered Twisted Classic.

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