Life for many of us has taken an unexpected direction this year and who, in January, would have thought we would end the year where we have. The positive is that the pace of life has slowed down a little and allowed me to reflect on where Twisted really is and what I would like it to be. I feel we have slightly fallen off the path of making Defender the best it can be and I’ve realised that bigger isn’t always better, in simple terms. I just want to build brilliant vehicles for brilliant people who will join us on our brilliant journey. Don’t get me wrong, our development and engineering continues and the Classic Defender remains our absolute focus. People who will use them for doing cool things, people who appreciate their beauty and, most of all, people who understand and embrace their ‘Defenderisms’ (by the very fact you are reading this newspaper, this is probably you). What we can’t do is build perfect for everyone. If we tried, we would fail, as perfect doesn’t exist. So, being from Yorkshire and calling a spade a spade, I have realised we need to start saying no, occasionally. Don’t be offended. It is the only way we can remain true to our roots and make sure the Twisted experience remains a special one. Despite everything this year has thrown at us, we have invested heavily in new showrooms at Thirsk, Silverstone and Austin, Texas. More are planned. Our showrooms aren’t typical car showrooms. Call in, grab a coffee, share stories, get up close with our vehicles and anything else interesting we feel like showing off – maybe a boat, maybe a rally car, maybe a piece of furniture. Nobody is ever going to feel they have to buy, but anyone can visit. With a choice of locations to see and buy one of our unique vehicles, from early 2021 our factory will operate behind closed gates. I liken it to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. It’s not a place that many people will get to see but those that do will get a truly magical experience.

"We have managed to assemble the finest team on the factory floor, with more Defender brilliance in this building than ever before."

In 2021 we want to start building fewer vehicles so that the customer journey can be given the same attention as the vehicles themselves. We have managed to assemble the finest team on the factory floor, with more Defender brilliance in this building than ever before. This Issue looks closely at each of the three collections to which every unique vehicle will belong and we have some really exciting builds planned. If you want one, you may have to go on a waiting list. On a personal level, I have a much clearer focus on what Twisted should be and am really looking forward to the next chapter. I hope that you will be involved. I’m by no means Willy Wonka, but I certainly believe there is serious magic going on behind our factory gates.

Here’s the link to download: Pursuit Issue XII


Charles Fawcett

Twisted Founder

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