Issue XII

Introducing Twisted Defined

Winter 2020

Defined has been twenty years in the making. Driven by a passion that started even before Twisted did.

Then, in 2001, we began our steadfast dedication to perfecting the iconic Defender. Taking as long as it takes to envision and enhance, to revise and refine, to create the exceptional.

The journey continues. Delving into every detail. Questioning, improving, reviewing, challenging, refining. Always honouring the original, here the Twisted Defender is Defined.

INTELLIGENTLY BUILT FOR YOU: You make us what we are. Your lifestyle. Your journeys. Your desires. Once we know your needs, get the Twisted Defender, Defined to meet them. Designed to thrill, up hill or down dale, from the first bolt to the last. With you forever at its heart.

IMAGINATION, REALISED: Ideas are only crazy until they exist. Our dream is bringing yours to life. From the engine to the interior, We push limits and break boundaries. Your vision is ours. The best it can be.

YOUR ADVENTURE BEGINS: Bring your own or let us source it for you. It’ll be stripped to its bones, then rebuilt piece by piece. Ready for whatever adventure awaits.

"There will be a maximum of 24 Defined builds created each year"

So what is a Twisted Defined?

To cement our handcrafted work, each build comes complete with the revered Twisted build plaque. There will be a maximum of 24 Defined builds created each year. Be it your vehicle or one of our sourced donor vehicles. Your Defender, Defined. Talk to the team today about how we can build you a genuine Twisted.

Learn more about the Twisted Defined HERE:

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