Issue XIII

A New Twisted Ambassador Added to the Ranks

Summer 2021

July saw us team up with record-breaking rower Jasmine Harrison as she joins adventurer and endurance athlete Sean Conway as a Twisted ambassador.

3,000 miles, 70 days, 3 hours, 48 minutes. Rudderly mad...

Jasmine, 21, made history in February when she became the youngest woman to row solo across the Atlantic. She made the 70 day journey in her boat Argo, which is now on display at Twisted Marine HQ in Salcombe, Devon.

A natural collaboration, Jasmine has turned her back on the everyday to pursue excellence in her chosen field. Bringing some incredible stories, Jasmine will be present at future events to talk to visitors about Argo and her record-breaking feat.

She will be supported by Twisted on her next challenge, which could involve rowing Yorkshire’s five biggest rivers – watch this space!

Jasmine said: “In terms of my own philosophy, it’s pretty well aligned with that of Twisted. I very much follow the Twisted motto of #TheBestMadeBetter and I don’t ‘do’ ordinary, I like to keep challenging myself, hence the row across the Atlantic.

“I have a few ideas in mind for future adventures – one involves tackling Yorkshire’s biggest rivers and, if the Covid situation allows, I’d like to look at another ocean challenge. It will be amazing to do that with Twisted providing support, whether it’s a vehicle to take me where I need to be, or if I need to take Argo off-road.

“It’s a brilliant feeling to have a company like Twisted behind me that’s not only from Thirsk, but that shares my love of adventure.”

Twisted founder Charles Fawcett said Jasmine is a perfect candidate to become a brand ambassador for the company: “I contacted Jasmine as soon as she had completed her Atlantic crossing,” he said. “It’s not simply a case of ‘we are based in Thirsk and so is she’ – we both have adventure at our heart and are not afraid to live a life less ordinary. I’m looking forward to the team supporting Jasmine in her next challenge.”

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