A proper Yorkshire offer!

Following the government’s recent, welcome, announcement that car retailers can start selling and delivering cars again, we started to think about the herculean task of re-starting the whole economy and the slightly smaller task of switching Twisted back on.

Slightly overwhelmed, we switched the kettle on and made a brew. Donning our thinking caps we tried to come up with ways Twisted could help get the economy going again. “Why don’t we do an offer?” someone suggested. “A proper tight careful Yorkshireman’s offer.”

“Aye, why not” said Charles, so here it is.

Buy one of our Classic IIA series Defender in May, look after it nicely* for 3 years and after 3 years we will buy it back from you at the same price** you paid for it.

Even non-Yorkshire folk can see the sense in that!

Pick’t phone up ‘n give us a call on 01845 574990 we’ll tell ‘the’ all about it.

* Te’k good care and look after it nicely by driving less than 8,000 miles a year and have it serviced annually by us.
** Dun’t include the VAT element if purchased by a non VAT registered individual or business.

Finance available subject to status.

In 1961, Land Rover released the Series IIA, with a number of subtle design alterations over the outgoing Series II.

58 years later on January 29th 2019, to celebrate three years since the end of Defender production at the Solihull plant, we announced our release of ten JLR delivery mileage 110s to be built as our modern interpretations of the Series IIA.


These will be the first vehicles to display the new Twisted 18” Rostyle wheel and the newly designed body accents highlighting original changes to the early 60’s bodywork.

This vehicle is intended to be a true workhorse and is based entirely on the 110 derivatives from the last months of production and all UK registered ‘post production end’ in April & May of 2016. No doubt some will end up in private collections too. As you would expect we have considerately addressed the usual areas of improvement over the standard unit including; power, handling, steering, sealing and rust protection, to make this special build Defender® the driving experience expected from a Twisted.

Twisted Defender - Series IIA

Series IIA

Starting from: £98,500 + VAT

All vehicles are delivery mileage, VAT qualifying and N1 commercial status. Each will be supplied with a comprehensive 24 month warranty with return to base breakdown recovery.

  • 18” Twisted Rostyle Wheels in Chawton White
  • Chawton White Roof
  • Drop Down Steps
  • Series Hip & Sill Stripe


Want your Defender® to be the best it can be? Twist it with our specially designed products and keep it maintained to the best standard with our servicing team.

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