A Twisted Print - Defined

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Twisted Defined prints for the T90, T110 and T130. Our Defined prints are available in three wheelbases and today you have the chance to own a part of our history through this limited edition poster print.

Defined T90 - Keswick Green T90 with gloss Keswick Green Twisted Rostyle wheels and our Stage One Front End. Adventurous. Functional. Iconic. The short wheelbase Twisted, made to go wherever you want it to.

Defined T110 - Havana Brown T110 with Satin Black Twisted Classic wheels and our Stage One Front End. Rugged. Practical. Classic. Utility, 5-seats, a supreme family vehicle. Re-engineered to meet your demands and it’ll do whatever you need it to, and then some.

Defined T130 - Corris Grey T130 with Satin Black Classic wheels and our Stage One Front End. The legend. The icon. The workhorse. The Twisted 130 is the ultimate utilitarian vehicle. With a load space to carry anything you need, it’s ready to handle whatever you can throw at it.

Twisted Born poster prints, 700mm x 500mm and supplied unframed.

Collect all 8 pieces of automotive history.

Framing is available, please contact us for more information.

  • Prints sent via Royal Mail Delivery Service
  • 700mm x 500mm
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