Defender Uprated Wiper Blades

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£12.50 excluding VAT

As we all know when the standard wipers offer very little in the way of protection and are often ineffective at clearing water and debris. 

These uprated aero wipers use high quality rubber blades made from durable synthetic rubber which are tried and tested in wet and dry, tension tests, ageing and temperature tested between -50 degrees up to 65 degrees. Even pressure across the blade and durability throughout the life-span of the blade, giving you the highest quality at all times.

All of our builds leave the workshop with uprated wipers on as a base, so be sure to fit some to yours!

  • Sold individually to allow those with rear wipers to order. The same size fits front and rear.
  • High quality graphite coated rubber blades with a tested durability
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Suitable for the front and rear windscreen
  • TUV Approved
  • Simple installation
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