Colour Coded Defender Wing Mirrors

Supplied as a pair

From £300.00

£250.00 excluding VAT

When you colour the back of the Defender mirror, a very subtle change occurs which one cant put a finger on, it just fits. Our mirrors are supplied complete, ready to fit. The images show only the back in colour. We can paint from a large range of stock Defender colours and tend to stock the main 6 colours of the 2015/16 year. All others are to order. 

Our in-house body shop will firstly flatten and filler prime the new mirror backs to give a super smooth surface, they are then flatted again before having several coats of a colour base coat and lacquer. Once dry they are polished to remove any imperfections and built back up to a complete mirror. It is not a quick process.

Standard colours include:

Santorini Black, Keswick Green, Aintree Green, Corris Grey, Fuji White and Indus SIlver.

All other colours to order.

  • Includes a pair of full mirror heads, including the painted mirror back, rubber and glass
  • Variety of stock colours available
  • Contact the team for non-standard colours which are painted to order
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