Stage One Grille Set - Workshop Fit

Available in black or grey

From £810.00

£675.00 excluding VAT

Our Stage One Grille has been designed to create a more nostalgic look to your Land Rover Defender, giving a gentle nod to a time when the Stage One V8 Series III roamed the land.

Made entirely from nylon coated stainless steel the grille has a 1.5mm frame and a square 8mm wire mesh that compliments the two box shape of a Defender. The mesh is fully welded to the frame to avoid any unwanted rattling but still allows enough movement for the grille to flex and follow the shape of the vehicle’s existing front panel when fitting, it sits nicely into the recess of the air conditioning panel, just like it belongs there.

Nylon coating has a much higher level of resistance to traditional powder coating. The nylon gives a superior finish and has greater resistance to salt, solvents, chips and flaking, meaning a much longer lifespan.

This is the ‘workshop fit’ variation, and comes with the original Series III style headlight surrounds (as standard in gloss black, which you can paint if you wish, once received) to replace the current standard Defender ones. This kit has the additional mesh horn covers, air con panel under mesh, and will require both front wings TIG welding and painting by your local paintshop, hence the workshop fit description. 

This kit composes of the centre mesh grille, lower grille, wing top and side vents, horn covers and series headlight surrounds. 

Only available for air conditioned vehicles.

  • Available in black or grey.
  • Also available in ‘Home Fit’ variation.
  • Suitable for air conditioned Defenders
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