Twisted Alcon Brake with RS29 Pads - Rear


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Designed in partnership with Alcon, one of the worlds premier performance brake suppliers, the Twisted® brake kit has been specially engineered to give exceptional braking performance.

With 6 pot brakes on the front and 4 on the rear, this is the biggest available kit on the market.

This set comes with RS29 brake pads, designed for hard use. This pad requires higher brake temperatures to work, therefore is only recommended for use with a V8 car, or in warmer climates.

Note: Due to their size, these brakes can only be fitted to 18″ wheels or larger.

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  • Rear set.
  • 4 piston, two piece caliper.
  • 298x14mm solid one piece disc assembly.
  • Larger pad area on a Monoblock anodised aluminium caliper assembly, meaning improved caliper stiffness and improved pedal feel.
  • Approx. 40% reduction in disc temperature rise and pad work rate, meaning brake fade is massively reduced over O.E.
  • Twisted® by Alcon® logo on red calipers, with high performance design aesthetics.
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