Twisted Lightweight Double Bumper


£895.00 excluding VAT

A very rare opportunity to own one of our Lightweight influenced, aluminium double bumpers. The design is inspired from one of the most important original manufacturer models, a military special. The bumper is a suitable homage to the galvanised original. With the secondary end pieces proportioned to suit a modern Defender.

Designed and produced in Yorkshire, the double bumper gives an almighty nod to the original design. Made from aluminium, it has been treated with iridite NCP before being powder coated for a smooth finish. Simple to fit, the bumper comes in satin black and is a simple replacement for the standard.

Please be aware, during this period, our products may take slightly longer than usual to get to you.

  • Twisted front double bumper, designed and made in Yorkshire
  • Includes one double bumper, ready to be fitted as a replacement for your Defender
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