Twisted intercooler – TD5 & Puma Engine


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An integral part of any turbo engine, the Twisted intercooler has been through many stages of evolution since its first incarnation in 2001, creating one of the best products available. It fits perfectly in the original aperture, taking up no more room than the standard unit yet has been designed to allow for the maximum of surface area to increase the speed of cooling through significant dissipation of heat without the need for any fabrication or creation of additional space.

The Twisted intercooler has 76sqm of internal surface area compared to 16sqm on a standard Land Rover intercooler and benefits from: an all alloy construction, louvered cooling fins, extruded tubes with braised foil, part folded tanks, CNC machined inlet & outlet tubes, removable pins for ease of fitment and Twisted branded stainless steel bonnet catch core protector.

This item works especially well as a supporting modification to any Defender running increased power.

The great part… it’s all made in Yorkshire!

Please be aware, during this period, our products may take slightly longer than usual to get to you.

  • Suitable for Defender engines TD5, 2.2 and 2.4 only.
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