Twisted Window Guards


£545.00 excluding VAT

Manufactured right here in Yorkshire from aluminium, with the logo subtly cut out in the bottom corner, these satin black powder-coated Twisted window guards are now available as a mail order item.

Aesthetically pleasing, but also functional, the primary benefit of the guards is the increased safety in allowing the rear sliding window to remain open while the vehicle is parked or in motion. Here at Twisted, we see it essentially as air conditioning for your dog!

The guards can be fitted to both 90 & 110 sliding windows. Guards require lining up and holes drilling in the existing window frame, then riveting in place. Rivets are provided with the product.

Please be aware, during this period, our products may take slightly longer than usual to get to you.

  • Includes 2 Twisted window guards and rivets for fitting
  • Increase the protection of your Defender
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